Look for a Powrock Mountain Guide

He is a mountain professional

This is the only complete, certified professional figure recognized at the international level, as an instructor and a guide for activities that are practiced in the mountains. He has a very significant level of training, updated with constant refresher courses, and extensive technical and physical preparation.

He is responsible for safety

He verifies the level of experience, technical capability and physical fitness of his customer.
He ensures that customers are aware of the risks that mountain activities necessarily entail.
He assesses and chooses the field of action, and maintains the highest conditions of safety throughout the excursion.

He builds relationships of esteem and trust

He brings to the customer his outstanding technical capabilities and substantial athletic skills.
He is committed to a responsible approach based on understanding and establishing a balanced and respectful relationship with the mountain.
He establishes intense relationships of esteem, trust and friendship by "being tied to the same rope" as his companion.

Mountain guides

"A mountain guide is a professional qualified to conduct the following activities: to guide people in rock climbing or ice climbing ascents, or on hiking excursions in the mountains; to guide people on ski-mountaineering or skiing excursions; to teach mountaineering and ski-mountaineering techniques, with the exclusion of skiing techniques on downhill or cross-country pistes."
Law dated 2 January 1989, n°6