Powrock for tour operators and travel agencies

Powrock aims to make everyone enjoy the mountains and experience all of the different aspects of the mountain environment. Not only will you live an amazing adventure, but you will also get to know the Alpine territory and its natural environment, as well as the culture, traditions and way of thinking of local people. Our responsible approach enables our guests to get to know the mountain environment in order to wisely and respectfully interact with it.

With this vision, we are available to professionally organize guided excursions on the whole Alps range for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, always guaranteeing the highest level of competence and reliability.

Powrock services for tourist operators

Our offer for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies consists of one-day or multi-day excursions aimed at groups or individual. We always accurately choose the activities and itineraries, tailoring the excursions on our clients' technical skills, physical fitness and level of experience.

The activities organized by Powrock for tourist operators include all the traditional mountain activities, performed in complete safety with our experienced Mountain Guides

  • Guided trekking excursions on the most beautiful and typical trails of the Alps and climbing excursions along the exciting via ferratas.
  • To reach the top of some of the most famous mountains of the world guided rock climbing excursions on the classic routes that are part of the history of mountaineering and climbing courses on crags, where even the younger beginners can learn the basic climbing techniques and enjoy their first ascents on easy routes.
  • Guided ski mountaineering expeditions to conquer the highest summits and slopes covered with snow and guided snowshoeing excursions to discover the wonderful winter natural environment of the Alps.
  • Guided off-piste skiing excursions along steep slopes, spectacular gullies and woods covered with snow in search of the best untracked powder and guided ski tours in the Alpine ski areas, to discover breathtaking landscapes, get to know the local culture and taste the traditional mountain cuisine.

For company groups and incentive travels, we organize customized activity packages according to the needs and requirements of the company and of the specific event.

Powrock is available to help organizing the whole holiday package, finding the solution that best suits our clients' needs as far as all the extra services are concerned, such as hotels, mountain refuges, restaurants and mountain huts, transports, ski lifts, equipment rental, ...

Mountain Guides

Our technical staff is entirely made up by Mountain Guides who are mountaineering and climbing professional instructors with certified competence, years of experience behind them and outstanding mountaineering curricula.

We're at your service

Contact us to book a Powrock Mountain Guide for your clients, to organize excursions and activities in the Alps or to require any further information: info@powrock.com

Powrock Mountain Guides for Tour Operators an Travel Agencies