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Policy and rules

  • How can a guide communicate with the customers?

    Every time a customer makes a reservation the system sends a notification to the guide with the details of the reservation and the customer's references.

    The guide can visualize the reservation record on the schedule from which he manages his available dates and in the section with current reservations. In addition to the reservation details, the record also contains the customer's details with contact information and the link to his profile, where he may view his mountaineering curriculum.

    Please note 
    Currently all reservation services are upon request. The direct instant reservation system, based on the real availability of the guides, is currently being developed and will soon be online.

  • Can the guide cancel, interrupt or modify an excursion?

    The mountain guide can cancel, interrupt or modify the route of an excursion when minimum safety conditions cannot be guaranteed.

    The decision to cancel, interrupt or modify may be prompted by:

    • weather conditions
    • environmental conditions of the territory of action
    • injury to the participants
    • training and experience of the participants
    • behaviour of the participants
    • causes of force majeure, such as for example interruption of lift service, breakage of equipment during the excursion, lack/inadequacy of the technical material necessary to make the excursion, ...

    Any cancellations, interruptions or changes must be communicated immediately to

    If the guide is available and the customer agrees, the excursion may be rescheduled for another day, and notice must be sent immediately to

  • What happens in the case the guide is not available on the day of the excursion?

    In the case the guide is not available on the day/days of the excursion he must send notice immediately to, specifying the reasons.

  • What are the standard commercial conditions for the guides?

    The standard commercial conditions define the general and common terms for the economic relationship that is established between the guide and Powrock.

    They include:

    • the amount of the commission on the services of the guide, for the reservations that have been successfully brought to term
    • the percentage on cancellation fees for reservations that are not brought to term (cancelled or not confirmed)
    • the rules of accounting and invoicing
    • methods and schedule of payments

    The guide's fee, except in specific cases agreed upon in advance, refers exclusively to his professional service (day with the guide), in addition to any tax obligations, and not to any other services rendered.

    Please note
    Powrock does not accept cash payments made directly by the customers to the guide and/or any other providers of services purchased through its systems. This practice is a violation of our terms of service and may lead to the cancellation of the guide's accreditation.

  • What is Powrock's pricing policy?

    Powrock promotes a pricing policy that is essentially founded on homogeneity and uniformity with respect to the services rendered, on clarity and transparency with respect to the communication to the customer:

    • excursions that have similar characteristics will be priced the same independently of where they take place,
    • the same excursion will have the same final price whether offered as an individual or as a group excursion, under the same conditions (for example: number of participants).
    • the days with a guide for a certain activity, within a range of similar characteristics and defined limitations, will be priced the same independently of where they take place.

    Powrock has established an internal committee to define the parameters for determining and validating the pricing. The committee is constituted by mountain guides and marketing experts working for Powrock.

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