Rock Climbing in Prato Nevoso, Trad and Sport Climbing

Are you undecided about what to climb or is this your first time touring the area of Prato Nevoso? Do you want to spend a memorable day rock-climbing? Then let us guide you! Reserve a Powrock mountain guide and let the guide lead the way!

Enjoy a unique experience climbing the rock of the mountains that surround the magnificent and wild Natural Park of Marguareis or the other places to climb in Piedmont and in the nearby Liguria.

Reserve your mountain guide in Prato Nevoso for a rock climbing experience

Reserve your mountain guide in Prato Nevoso for an exciting rock climbing experience in the mountains of Piedmont and Liguria. The guide will advise you and guide you safely and securely along one of the many routes up the rocks of the Maritime Alps and Ligurian Alps.

Secured to the guide's rope, you will climb safely and securely along a classic multi-pitch route, to reach the summit of the mountain. You will climb along challenging itineraries through majestic nature settings. To train your technical and athletic skills, you may choose instead to follow a sport climbing route, or spend a day on the cliff face to learn or perfect your climbing techniques.

Daily mountain guide price for a rock climbing experience

€ 330 - Price up to 1 persons

€ 360 - Price up to 2 persons