Rock Climbing in Moena, Trad, Sport and Climbing Courses

Book your amazing rock climbing experience in Moena with a certified UIAGM local mountain guide. The guide will advise you and guide you safely and securely along one of the many routes or in a crag in the Dolomites around Moena, for both experts and beginners, ranging widely in grade of difficulty and expositions.

You can choose to reserve a mountain guide and then decide with him/her which climbing experience to do or choose and book one of the following climbing routes you want to go on.

Book a rock climbing in Moena

Do you want to spend a memorable day of rock climbing in Moena and do you want to rely on a local expert guide in Fassa Valley? Then let us guide you! Reserve a certified mountain guide and let the guide show you the way!

Your rock climbing experience will be unforgettable. You will spend the day climbing the majestic Dolomites:

  • Multi-pitch trad and sport climbing
  • Single-pitch climbing and bouldering in a crag
  • Climbing training course

Daily price for a rock climbing in Moena

Multi-pitch climbing route or course
€ 360 - Price for 1 person
€ 390 - Price for 2 persons

Single-pitch in a crag, climbing course, bouldering
€ 330 - up to 1 person
€ 360 - up to 2 persons
€ 390 - up to 3 persons
€ 420 - up to 4 persons

Climbing routes in evidence

Mountain Guides

The mountain guide is the only complete, certified professional figure recognized at the international level, as an instructor and a guide for activities that are practiced in the mountains. The guide has a very significant level of training, updated with constant refresher courses, and extensive technical and physical preparation.

Our technical staff is entirely made up by Certified IFMGA-UIAGM Mountain Guides who are mountaineering and climbing professional instructors with certified competence, years of experience behind them and outstanding mountaineering curricula. Languages: Italian - English - German - French - Spanish

Information and booking

Do you need information or would you like to book a rock climbing in Moena for an experience you will never forget? Well, send us an email with your contact information, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the climbing experience. Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.

Information and reservations:

Rock Climbing in Moena, Trad, Sport and Climbing Courses