Rock Climbing in Euganean Hills with a Mountain Guide

Can't decide what route or in which crag to climb in the area of Euganean Hills and you want your experience to be a memorable one? Then let us guide you! Reserve a Powrock mountain guide and let the guide show you the way!

You will enjoy a climb you will never forget, across the slabs, roofs, grooves and cracks of the Euganean Hills Natural Park.

Reserve a certified local mountain guide in the Euganean Hills

Reserve your mountain guide for climbing in the Euganean Hills. He can advise you and guide you safely and securely up one of the many different routes varying in length or grade of difficulty, to climb in Mount Pendice. He will take you across slabs, roofs, grooves and cracks, along highly challenging routes in the distinctive atmospheres of the Euganean Hills.

For this type of experience, you can choose to climb a classic route or a sport climbing route to test your technical and athletic skills. If you prefer to train or learn rock-climbing techniques, you can spend a day on one of the many different crags in the Euganean Hills:

  • Rocca Pendice
  • Monte Pirio
  • Busa dell'Oro
  • Sasso delle Eriche

Daily mountain guide price for a multi pitch rock climbing experience

€ 300 - Price for 1 person

€ 330 - Price for 2 persons

Daily mountain guide price for a rock climbing experience in a crag

€ 300 - Price up to 2 persons

€ 340 - Price up to 4 persons