Rock Climbing in Courmayeur Mont Blanc with a Mountain Guide

Can't decide what route to climb or is this your first time touring the area of Courmayeur Mont Blanc?
Woul you like to enjoy an unforgettable experience climbing in the most suggestive mountains around Courmayeur, in Val Veny, Val Ferret, Chamonix valley or in the nearby Arnad?

Then let us guide you!
Reserve a Powrock mountain guide and let the guide show you the way!

Reserve your mountain guide for a rock climbing in Courmayeur Mont Blanc

Reserve your certified IFMGA-UIAGM mountain guide for an exciting day of rock climbing in Courmayeur Mont Blanc. The guide will advise you and guide you safely and securely along one of the many routes in the mountains surrounding Val Veny and Val Ferret.

Tied to your mountain guide's rope, you will climb a classic or a modern route, on a vertical and impressive granite monolites and granite towers, with pitches across slabs and in grooves, and along roofs and cracks. You will climb to the summit, along spectacular routes through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in front of the Mont Blanc.

To train your technical or athletic skills, you could also choose a sport climbing and spend the day on a crag to learn or perfect your climbing techniques.

Daily mountain guide price for a multi-pitch rock climbing in Courmayeur Mont Blanc

€ 390 - Price up to 1 persons

€ 410 - Price up to 2 persons

Daily mountain guide price for a rock climbing experience in a crag

€ 330 - for 1 person

€ 360 - up to 2 persons

€ 390 - up to 3 persons

€ 440 - up to 4 persons

Where to meet your mountain guide in Courmayeur Mont Blanc

  • Meeting point On the day of your excursion, meet your guide at:
    Start of Skyway Monte Bianco (ticket office)
    Piazzale Funivie Val Veny
    Strada Statale 26 della Valle d'Aosta, 48
    11013 Courmayeur, AO
  • Meeting time 8.00 am
  • Geographic coordinates 45°48'49.5"N 6°57'26.3"E
  • Transfer The transfer from the meeting point to the location of the excursion will take place using the guide's vehicle and/or your own.

What to bring

  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing helmet
  • Climbing harness
  • Descender
  • Carabiners
  • Approach shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Technical apparel
  • Backpack

What you need to know

  • Climbing The reservation for this experience is for a day of rock climbing with a mountain guide on classic routes with a level of difficulty no greater than grade 5, or for sport-climbing routes no greater than grade 6b.
  • Participants Anyone over the age of 16, with any level of training and fitness, can participate in this experience.
  • Under 18 Minors under the age of 18, if unaccompanied, require a waiver of liability from the parent or guardian of the child, that must be given to the guide before the excursion begins.
  • Equipment Remember to bring the minimum required equipment for the activity. If you do not own the equipment let us know, we will provide it for you, if available or for hire.
  • Reservation The reservation for this experience is individual, with a dedicated mountain guide. It may be reserved for a number of participants no greater than the maximum number allowed.
  • Guide price The price shown is for one day with the mountain guide and transfer using the guide's private vehicle. It is valid for individual reservations for a number of participants that does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
  • Safety The mountain guide may cancel or suspend the excursion or change the itinerary if minimum safety conditions are not guaranteed. Please view the terms.
  • Flexible terms of cancellation The terms of cancellation and change for this experience are flexible. Please view the terms.

How to reserve your mountain guide

To reserve a certified IFMGA-UIAGM mountain guide in Courmayeur Mont Blanc for an amazing rock climbing experience in the Monte Bianco - Mont Blanc area, you must send a request that provides and specifies your contact information, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the rock climbing excursion.
We will respond immediately to confirm the availability of the guide, the deadline, if any, to confirm the option for the reservation, methods of payment, characteristics and organization of the activity.
Once the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the receipt and the presentation voucher with the details of the service, the name of the mountain guide or the mountaineering school, and all the contact information.