Off-piste Skiing in Crévacol, Great St. Bernard Freeride Skiing

Can't make up your mind where to ski off-piste in the Crévacol ski resort? Do you want to spend a fantastic day skiing in the fresh snow of the Gran San Bernardo (Great Saint Bernard Valley) freeride ski area? Then let us guide you! Reserve a Powrock mountain guide and let the guide lead the way!

You will enjoy an unforgettable off-piste skiing adventure in a fantastic place for freeride ski. You will experience the thrill of skiing down along snowy slopes and coniferous forests, nestled in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty.

Book an off-piste skiing experience in Crévacol

Reserve your certified IFMGA-UIAGM mountain guide for an off-piste skiing excursion in Crévacol - Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses. The guide will advise and accompany you safely and securely down the off-piste runs of the Gran San Bernardo freeride ski area.

You will take the ski-lifts to ride comfortably to the summit station, from which you will be able to choose the descent you prefer. As you ski, you will leave your track across the vast slopes of powder snow and the fantastic woods that bring you back down into the valley to the ski-lift departure area, ready for the next run. You will ski in total freedom down the line you prefer along countless off-piste routes from medium to high difficulty: Saint Remy descent, Piccolo Alpino descent and many others.

The freeride skiing itinerary of the day will be chosen by the mountain guide who will assess the snow and safety conditions.

Daily price for an off-piste skiing experience

€ 350 - Price up to 1 persons
€ 380 - Price up to 2 persons
€ 390 - Price up to 3 persons
€ 400 - Price up to 4 persons

Mountain Guides

The mountain guide is the only complete, certified professional figure recognized at the international level, as an instructor and a guide for activities that are practiced in the mountains. The guide has a very significant level of training, updated with constant refresher courses, and extensive technical and physical preparation.

Our technical staff is entirely made up by Certified IFMGA-UIAGM Mountain Guides who are mountaineering and climbing professional instructors with certified competence, years of experience behind them and outstanding mountaineering curricula. Languages: Italian - English - German - French - Spanish

Information and booking

Do you need information or would you like to book an off-piste skiing in Saint-Rhémy-En-Bosses Crévacol for an experience you will never forget? Well, send us an email with your contact information, the location you prefer, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the guided freeride skiing experience in Great Saint Bernard Valley. Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.

Information and reservations:

Off-piste Skiing in Crévacol, Great St. Bernard Freeride Skiing