Off-piste Skiing in Majelletta - Passo Lanciano

Can't make up your mind where to ski off-piste or is this your first time in the Majelletta - Passo Lanciano ski resorts? Do you want to spend a fantastic day skiing in the fresh snow of the Majella National Park? Then let us guide you! Reserve a Powrock mountain guide and let him lead the way!

You will enjoy an unforgettable off-piste skiing adventure in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty.

Reserve your mountain guide in Majelletta - Passo Lanciano ski resorts

Reserve your mountain guide in Majelletta - Passo Lanciano for an off-piste skiing excursion. He will advise you and take you safely and securely to ski the backcountry in the Majella National Park.

You will take the skilift for a comfortable ride to the summit, from which you will be able to choose your descent down the fabulous ample slopes of fresh powder. You will ski through the snow-covered forests and you will feel the sense of absolute freedom that comes from freeriding in fresh snow in the natural setting of the Apennines.

Daily mountain guide price for an off-piste skiing excursion

€ 300 - Price up to 2 persons

€ 330 - Price up to 3 persons

€ 360 - Price up to 4 persons