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  • Why Powrock?

    Because Powrock is the leading brand in all disciplines, activities and excursions in the mountains or in similar environments, which are part of the area of competence of mountain guides.

    It allows tourist operators to have one single interlocutor to reserve excursions for their customers, for business and leisure, across the entire range of the Alps and the areas in the world where mountain guides operate.

    It guarantees:

    • a vast and complete choice of activities and excursions
    • wide-ranging coverage of the territory
    • availability of guides
    • quality of service
    • customisation of service
    • advantageous economic conditions

    The tour operators can therefore obtain:

    • an enhanced range of products to offer with a distinctive service for their customers
    • increased general sales performance
    • simplified working processes and optimised organization
    • secure reservations and control over the service
    • customer satisfaction and fidelisation

    For further information write to us at 

  • What activities lie within the scope of a mountain guide?

    Mountain guides are the only mountain professionals, recognised and certified by law to teach, train and accompany persons, with respect to the activities that can be practiced in the mountains or similar environments. The only exception regards the teaching of skiing techniques on downhill or cross-country ski runs, which is the exclusive pertinence of ski instructors.

    The areas of activities that Powrock proposes are those that lie specifically within the perimeter of the guide's expertise, and others in which they excel due to their physical, technical and environmental training:

    • high-altitude mountain climbing
    • climbing on ice, rock, mixed terrain
    • climbing on via ferratas
    • ski mountaineering
    • backcountry skiing
    • snowshoeing
    • canyoning
    • volcano excursions
    • trekking
    • ski touring
    • e-bike and mountain bike

    In the indicated fields, Powrock offers the possibility of reserving one or more guides and organizing upon request, for individuals or groups, for one or more days:

    • teaching and training sessions
    • activities and excursions
    • journeys and expeditions
  • What can a TO or TA reserve with Powrock?

    Tour operators can reserve one or more Powrock mountain guides for:

    • a generic activity (for example: climbing)
    • a teaching and training course
    • a specific excursion (for example: climbing the Spigolo Giallo to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo)
    • a journey or an expedition

    A guide can be reserved for one or more days, for both individual and group excursions.

    The guide may be reserved for one of the proposals in the catalogue. The reservation may also be customised upon request by the participants, accurately assessing the activities, routes and services in relation to the experience, technical capacity and degree of physical preparation of participants in the excursion.

    For business groups and incentives, we organize customised activities and programmes to meet the needs of companies and the typology of the event.

    Powrock is also available to organize any related services necessary to structure the complete package, such as hotels, mountain huts, restaurants and mountain farms, transportation, ski lifts, rental materials...

    The Tour Operators and Travel Agencies can request Powrock services for their customers, by sending their request

  • How can a TO make a reservation?

    The Tour Operators and Travel Agencies interested in Powrock services can send a request to specifying:

    • the name of the agency
    • name and surname of contact
    • address
    • telephone number
    • accurate description of the service requested
    • number of participants
    • period in which the activity may take place

    Our representative will promptly respond to the request with all the required information. 

  • Is it possible to organize educational activities?

    Powrock remains at the disposition of TOs and TAs to organize educational activities with mountain guides to get to know and check out the organization, the characteristics and the quality of the activities, places, routes and services.

    Interested Tour Operators and Travel Agencies can send their request to

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