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  • Why Powrock?

    Because Powrock is a "guide-centred" system whose goals include promoting and enhancing the professional figure of the mountain guide. Our mission is in fact to become the brand of reference in the market for the disciplines, activities and services that lie within the perimeter of a guide's expertise.

    The model we offer is not simply a response to new market dynamics and needs, it is a solution to the critical nodes and issues of the guide's profession.

    In synthesis, the advantages of joining Powrock can be:

    • better performance of overall sales
    • control and optimization of sales
    • optimization of workday coverage
    • certainty of reservations and earnings
    • barrier against "competitors"
    • customer fidelisation

    If you want to know more, write us at

  • What are the main principles behind the Powrock model?

    The Powrock model is based on:

    1. real time availability, that allows the customer to reserve the service he wants immediately, whether it be a specific excursion, individual or group, or a day with a guide for a generic activity ("personalised" excursion to determine with the customer). 
    2. the guide's knowledge of the territory, meaning the area (the locations) in which he generally exercises his profession, to allow the system to associate the reservations with the guides who work in that given territory, 
    3. a complete, univocal and homogeneous offer of activities and excursions, which may be reserved based on the availability of the guides who operate in the territory in which these excursions take place [*], to offer the customer established and recognizable standards of quality.

    In order for the booking to work as it should, it is essential that the guide: 

    1. efficiently administer his calendar of available days, keeping it perfectly up-to-date using the system at his disposal.
    2. indicate the locations in which he operates, coherently with the way he manages his available time. If he needs to change the region or area he works in, he must immediately report the fact to the email address
    3. actively participate in building our offer by proposing activities, excursions, services and initiatives in a collaborative spirit, aimed at developing and promoting opportunities in his area of competence.

    [*] One of the distinctive characteristics of the model is that the activities and excursions are offered univocally by Powrock. All the guides who work in a specific area are therefore associated with all the activities and excursions available in that territory. When a customer reserves an activity or an excursion, the system assigns the reservation to one of the guides who is free on that date.

  • How do you join Powrock?

    To join and offer his professional services to Powrock customers, the mountain guide must submit an application to the email address:, indicating:

    • name and surname
    • e-mail
    • address
    • telephone number
    • location/generic area he/she operates in

    We will contact the guide as soon as possible.

  • What are the minimum requisites required to join Powrock?

    To join and offer his professional services to Powrock customers, the mountain guide must necessarily:

    • be a certified mountain guide officially registered in the Albo delle Guide Alpine, the mountain guide association
    • be up-to-date with payments for his insurance against civil liability
    • be up-to-date with the mandatory periodical continual professional development
    • actively participate in the communication and promotion of Powrock
    • provide and update required information on his professional profile
    • provide and promptly update available dates
  • Can aspirant mountain guides and AMM join Powrock?

    Yes, both aspirant guides and medium-mountain guides or other specialised professional figures recognised and certified by mountain guide associations can join Powrock and provide their professional services according to the rules, limitations and constraints specified for each of these figures.

    All activities and excursions that are part of the possible and recognised spheres of the profession may be associated.

  • What is it important to know about territorial competence?

    To offer the customer a prompt and complete reservation service, in addition to real-time availability, it is important that each guide have his own territorial competence, meaning that the perimeter within which he operates must be well-defined.

    Each guide will therefore be associated to all the locations within the perimeter in which he operates and within which he can provide an efficient service to the Powrock customer, so that he may be reserved for the excursions or activities that take place within the area of his competence.

    The guide can modify his territorial competence, definitively or temporarily, should he relocate his range of action. To do so, he must submit his request to:

  • Can mountaineering schools join Powrock?

    Yes, mountaineering schools can join Powrock.

    To join, the school must submit a request to the email address, specifying:

    • name of the school
    • e-mail
    • web site
    • address
    • telephone number
    • generic area/locations of territorial competence
    • number of guides in the school

    One of our representatives will promptly contact the school to provide all the required information.

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