Cima Tuckett (Tuckett-Spitze) is part of the mountainous group Ortles-Cevedale in the Stelvio National Park. It rises between Passo di Tuckett and Passo di Campo, along the south east side of Vedretta del Madaccio. It features a beautiful pyramid shaped wall while its north side is covered with ice and snow.

The ski mountaineering excursion to Cima Tuckett is a wonderful itinerary developing within an extremely scenic and evocative environment; besides the technical aspects, this path offers valuable points of historical interest with several remains from World War One. The excursion is feasible from May to November

  • Cima Tuckett
  • 5 hours
  • Medium difficulty
  • No refreshment point
  • Maximum number of participants
  • Suitable for adults only

Information about the ski mountaineering to Mount Cima Tuckett

The classic and exciting ski mountaineering itinerary to Mount Cima Tuckett starts from Stelvio Pass (Passo dello Stelvio), above the cable car station going up through the ski track.

The progression - crossing an incredibly evocative environment - leads to Nagler and it enters Vedretta Piana Glacier climbing towards Mount Livrio and Rifugio Livrio. Going up towards Mount Punta degli Spiriti, the hikers will reach Vedretta del Madaccio. They will, then, climb through the evident and spectacular north ridge that leads to the summit.

The descent takes place through the climb route and it provides a really thrilling ski ride.

The ski mountaineering excursion to Mount Cima Tuckett from Stelvio Pass starts from an elevation of 2760 meters and it reaches an elevation of 3462 meters. It is rated as BSA (good ski mountaineerer). The itinerary faces north/north-westt and it can be done in 4/5 hours. It features a 862 meter elevation gain. The needed equipment is the standard ski mountaineering one; pick and crampons might be useful in the final part.

Price of Mount Cima Tuckett ski mountaineering excursion

€ 360 - for 1 person

€ 400 - for 2 persons

€ 450 - for 3 persons

€ 510 - for 4 persons

Where to meet your mountain guide for a ski mountaineering to Mount Cima Tuckett

  • Meeting point On the day of your excursion, meet your guide at:
    Stelvio-Trincerone Cable Car
    Stelvio Pass
    23032 Bormio - SO
  • Meeting time 8.30 am
  • Geographic coordinates 46°31'38.3"N 10°27'07.6"E
  • Transfer There are no transfers from the meeting point to the excursion site.

What to bring

  • Skis
  • Ski boots
  • Telescopic poles
  • Skins
  • Ski crampons
  • Crampons
  • Mountaineering ax
  • Avalanche kit
  • Avalanche backpack
  • Climbing harness
  • Carabiners

What you need to know

  • Equipment Remember to bring the minimum required equipment for the activity. If you do not own the equipment let us know, we will provide it for you, if available or for hire.
  • Reservation The reservation for this experience is individual, with a dedicated mountain guide. It may be reserved for a number of participants no greater than the maximum number allowed.
  • Excursion price The price shown is for the excursion with the dedicated mountain guide and possible transfer using the guide's private vehicle. It is valid for individual reservations for a number of participants that does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
  • Safety The mountain guide may cancel or suspend the excursion or change the itinerary if minimum safety conditions are not guaranteed. Please view the terms.
  • Moderate terms of cancellation The terms of cancellation and change for this experience are moderate. Please view the terms.

How to reserve your mountain guide

To book the ski mountaineering excursion to Mount Cima Tuckett, in the Ortles Cevedale range, with a mountain guide, you must send a request that provides and specifies your contact information, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the excursion.
We will respond immediately to confirm the availability of the guide, the deadline, if any, to confirm the option for the reservation, methods of payment, characteristics and organization of the activity.
Once the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the receipt and the presentation voucher with the details of the service, the name of the mountain guide or the mountaineering school, and all the contact information.

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